Each summer in Caroga Lake, InterArts Symposium seeks to bring together an intimate group of resident artists from various creative backgrounds to explore interdisciplinary connections and collaborations.

Resident artists spend a week together in Caroga Lake practicing, performing, experimenting and collaborating  on creative projects. During the week, participants have the opportunity to immerse in spirited table discussions, lead a 45 minute presentation of a topic of their choice, take part in special talks with guest speakers, perform educational outreach events and experiment with interdisciplinary art with fellow resident artists and guests. The resident artists will have the opportunity to present their works at the InterArts Showcases at the end of the symposium.

3rd Annual InterArts Symposium

July 2, 2019 – July 7, 2019



Past InterArts Symposium

2018 “Adirondack Reflections”

July 9-14, 2018

2018 InterArts Artists:
Annie McAninch
Alyssa Rizzo
Jake Muratore
Juliann Ma
Molly Moltzen
Julia Gallagher
Kyle Price
Rob Saunders
Casey Loomis
Cristos Galanis
Deborah Price
Stephanie Price-Wong
David Wong


2017 Inaugural InterArts Symposium

June 11-18, 2017

2017 Resident Artists:
Kyle Price, cello & director
Stephanie Price-Wong, viola
Graeme Steele Johnson, clarinet
Julian Muller, cello
Cole Randolph, cello
Juliann Ma, piano & interdisciplinary artist
Owen Max Dodgen, visual artist
Jake Muratore, cello
Griffin Meinbresse, bass

These drawings are from 2017 InterArts Symposium during a fifteen-minute group improvisation session.

The first InterArts Symposium featured ten resident artists from across the country who gathered in Caroga to explore there art form along with creating connections and collaborations with artists of all genres including visual art, music, dance, poetry etc.

The ten artists gave two “showcase” performances at the end of the week and performed an school outreach concert at Wheelerville School during the middle of the week. Inspired by our spirited discussions and experiential collaboration, the artists were instructed to lead one discussion while also being exposed to various guest speakers and presentations throughout the week.

These guest speakers included Geri Lipschultz (Hunter College, poetry), Dustin Swanger (FMCC, President), Wally Hart (Nigra Center, Executive Director), Stephen Paparo (Feldenkrais, UMass-Amherst), Casey Loomis (Dance, NYC), Nicolina Dante (Dance, NYC), Kathryn Phillips-Spira and Richard Nilsen (author and journalists), James Long (Adirondack Expert and Inventor), and Sandra Lee (High Peak Acupuncture.) The drawings are results from a fifteen-minute group improvisation session completed the final day of the Symposium.