Caroga Arts Collective presents the 2nd annual

July 9-14, 2018


Adirondack Reflections


Each summer in Caroga Lake, InterArts Symposium seeks to bring together an intimate group of resident artists from various creative backgrounds to explore interdisciplinary connections and collaborations.

Resident artists spend a week together in Caroga Lake practicing, performing, experimenting and collaborating  on creative projects. During the week, participants have the opportunity to immerse in spirited table discussions, lead a 45 minute presentation of a topic of their choice, take part in special talks with guest speakers, perform educational outreach events and experiment with interdisciplinary art with fellow resident artists and guests.

The Symposium will conclude with two unique showcases, free and open to the public, featuring the resident artists’ work from the week of collaboration.

Caroga Arts Collective is happy to provide housing and some meals for resident artists, thanks to the support of the community.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Kyle Price at

These drawings are from 2017 InterArts Symposium during a fifteen-minute group improvisation session.

InterArts Showcase

Caroga Arts Collective presents two showcases featuring the InterArts Symposium resident artists.

Please check back for performance details!