Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of the Caroga Arts Collective is to reimagine the Adirondack experience through the power of the arts. The Caroga Arts Collective’s principal objectives are to:

  • present a broad spectrum of artists in an accessible and engaging environment;
  • enrich the quality and enjoyment of life through diverse artistic, cultural, and educational experiences;
  • deepen appreciation for the area and the environment as a natural partner for creative growth; and
  • promote Caroga as a unique tourism destination for generations to come.

Our Organization

Caroga Arts Collective presents over fifty performances and community events featuring world-class artists from various styles of arts and entertainment in the Southern Adirondacks throughout the year. A 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, Caroga Arts presents the Caroga Lake Music Festival, Your Body is Your Strad, InterArts Symposium, Myhill Film Series, Artist Residencies, and other projects.

Caroga Arts seeks to bring together a community of artists to collaborate across fields and genres on interdisciplinary projects. Caroga Arts focuses on revitalizing local culture, business, and life by providing unique experiences through collaborative performances, community outreaches, exhibits, and adult/youth education.

Inspired by the serene, beautiful lakes and inviting community, artists are dedicated to presenting innovative art in this relaxed, naturally intimate backdrop of the Adirondacks.

Caroga Arts takes pride in offering a humble and intimate artistic experience to our community, but also presenting a diverse and challenging repertoire performed with precision.

While in residence, all artists are encouraged to interact and connect with the residents of our Caroga Lake community and extend our sincere appreciation for their generous contributions to Caroga Arts.

Caroga Arts Collective