J-Music Pocket Band

The J-MUSIC Pocket Band is a small, drum-less, jazz-rooted band that performs acoustic covers of modern Japanese songs, usually from anime and video games. Like the larger parent group, the J-MUSIC Ensemble, this band was formed by award-winning and Grammy-nominated saxophonist, Patrick Bartley (Jon Batiste, Wynton Marsalis, The Chainsmokers), with the main goal of showing the relationship between Japanese and American music–and to show his own love of J-Pop, of course. The Pocket Band usually consists of saxophone, piano, bass, with addition of trumpet, or a substitution of guitar for piano or bass when needed. Having already been recognized by major figures in the industry, such as Go Ichinose (Pokemon – music composer), and appearing on internationally syndicated TV and media outlets, the Pocket Band is proving to show the world new perspectives on Japanese music.

Caroga Arts Collective