Robert Saunders

Robert has been playing folk and country music for over 15 years all across the eastern seaboard. A multi-instrumentalist, he and his ever growing family of like-minded classic music lovers perform tunes spanning the extensive American Songbook, from old-timey to modern country. Robert has performed most recently as a classical musician at the Adrien Arsht center, in the pop country Liddy Clark Band at the 99.9 FM Big Chili Cookoff, and as a featured artist in the Windsor Folk Family at the New World Center on Miami Beach.

In a new musical endeavor, Robert Clark and the Drifters perform a mix of classic, modern, and original bluegrass and country music. The Drifters are comprised of an ever-changing lineup of professional entertainers from South Florida and beyond. Each new roster brings a fresh perspective to otherwise traditional music, breathing new life into important music from all across the country.

In addition to musical performance pursuits, Robert is a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Miami Frost School of Music seeking a PhD in Music Education. Growing up in a family of highly skilled musicians and educators, he developed his passion for music performance within American Vernacular and classical music and his interest in discovering musical development. Robert wishes to share his love for American music through teaching for understanding and lifelong participation.