Caroga Arts Boat Tour

Book a personal concert to enjoy from your dock! We’re using boats as stages to bring the live intimate performance experience to the lakes. Featuring various local musicians and musical genres, the Caroga Arts Boat Tour will visit seven lakes in the Caroga area for your outdoor live music entertainment.

The Caroga Arts Boat Tour offers 30, 45, and 60 minute concerts and will take place July 7-9 and 14-16. Only a limited number of concerts are available – book now before we sell out!

Invite a group of friends and neighbors to enjoy the show from your dock, or have them pull up in their boat. The more the merrier!

Boat Tour Schedule:

July 7 (4-8PM)
Stoner Lake & Pine Lake

July 8 (11AM – 5PM)
Canada Lake & Green Lake

July 9 (11AM – 5PM)
Peck’s Lake

July 14 (4-8PM)
Mountain Lake (Dock concerts on Mountain Lake)

July 15 (11AM – 5 PM)
Stewarts Landing & Canada Lake

July 16 (11AM – 5 PM)
East & West Caroga Lakes

*A staff member will be in touch to schedule a performance time after booking is made. If you are a CLMF guest artist, concert or season sponsor, this booking will be provided in-kind and a staff member will be in touch to schedule your date and time.

Boat Tour Concert Pricing:

30 minute performance: $500
45 minute performance: $750
60 minute performance: $1,000

Book your Boat Tour concert today!

Caroga Arts Collective