Your Body Is Your Strad


Due to health reasons, Your Body is You Strad has been postponed to 2018. Thank you.

Two programs will be offered at the Caroga Arts Collective this summer:

JUNE 11–17, 2017
Five days for all instrumentalists, singers, actors, and dancers dedicated to exploring the intimate relationship between body awareness and artistic expression, while learning to prevent injuries. With musicians and Feldenkrais practitioners, Uri and Hagit Vardi, and Presentations featuring specialists in Integrative Health, Authentic Performance, and Baroque Dance.
No audition required, all performers welcome to sign-up!
Reserve your spot and fill out the Feldenkrais for All Performers Form Here!

JUNE 11–25, 2017
Two intensive weeks combining the principles of somatic education with varied approaches to cello mastery designed to redefine how cellists perform and teach. Participants experience an introduction to Feldenkrais with fellow musicians in the Feldenkrais For All Performers program, and continue in private lessons, master classes and seminars dedicated to expanding artistic freedom.
Application Requirements:
-Complete the online application form
-Submit at least 2 video recordings of a recent performance
-Submit a 150 word bio
Apply for the National Summer Cello Institute here!

Artistic Director: Uri Vardi
Administrative Directors: Kyle Price & Stephanie Price-Wong

The purpose of these workshops is to help musicians become aware of the intimate relationship between the way that they use their body and the music that they create. The benefit of this enhanced awareness includes an increase in artistic vocabulary, in the ability to more efficiently express musical intention, in the prevention of pain and injury, and in expedient healing from current injury.

Learn more about Feldenkrais and NSCI at WWW.YOURBODYISYOURSTRAD.COM

The joy of music making, the many nuances of music-making that I had never dreamed of , and the way Uri connects Feldenkrrais with music were all eye-opening experience for me.”
– Participant, 2013 Feldenkrais for Musicians workshop

“I enjoyed the generosity of spirit, the insightfulness & commitment of the teachers, the beautiful noncompetitive spirit of the students, the unity of body & spirit.”
– Participant, 2013 Feldenkrais for Musicians workshop

“The warm environment created by Uri, Hagit, and Cathy & helpers. It was supportive and perfectly matched to what we were learning. Lessons, FI’s & Uri’s masterclasses really helped tie in cello playing to Feldenkrais, solidifying and clarifying ideas planted during discussions & ATMs. Check-up discussions and the “Wishes” talks were also wonderful for regrouping and opening dialogues between us, and the opening day party was also wonderful! “
-Participant, 2012 Feldenkrais for Musicians workshop

“This Class has allowed me to examine myself and my playing in ways I could not see before. It has given me new confidence in the way in which I am able to learn and progress. But most importantly it has given me confidence in myself. The Feldenkrais Method helps me realize that I can trust myself to become a better performer, better athlete, better all around human being. It has helped me become more in tune with this dance of life.”

“One of the most important things Feldenkrais has helped me to develop is a sense of curiosity. I have always been naturally inquisitive, but the realization that there are countless ways of achieving comfort, and that something can always be made more pleasurable makes me want to constantly look around and discover it.”