2 Days until Backyard Music Festival!

Watch Trailer for July 3

Performances featuring jazz, ragtime, classical, Sousa marches, folk and of course the 1812 Overture (with a surprise ending!) to kick off the Independence Day weekend!

Sherman’s drone footage by Kevin Chamberlain
Music by Empire Wild (CLMF ’19)

When + Where to Watch: The 4th of July Virtual Concert is premiering this Friday, July 3 at 5pm EDT LIVE on the Caroga Arts YouTube channel and Caroga Arts Facebook Page.

Last Chance Today!
Reserve your Backyard Party Box

July 1 is the last day to reserve your Backyard Party Box for July 3. Only a few left!

Support local businesses and organizations with a donation towards the Backyard Party Box. Your donation will be doubled thanks to a generous $10,000 matching gift from Pat Lowry & Jim Hopkins.