SPACE Education Program

Introducing the Caroga Arts SPACE Program

String Project & Arts Collaborative Education

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Caroga Arts Collective is embarking on a transformative journey through its SPACE program to empower young minds in the Fulton and Montgomery counties through the power of music education. With SPACE keeping music education accessible to all, students will not only learn music but also develop life skills and foster creativity.

The mission of the SPACE Program is to provide accessible and affordable string education and collaborative mentorship opportunities to our local students, schools, and community members throughout the Fulton, Montgomery, and Schoharie counties.

The SPACE Program will provide string instruments directly to the collaborating schools and organizations. SPACE will provide vital support for local art educators as Caroga Arts will hire our local music teachers in addition to bringing in Caroga resident musicians. These teams of teachers will provide weekly in-school lessons and mentorship opportunities to our local students. Students will also have the opportunity to work and perform with students from other school districts at the final showcase concerts. With the help of grants and donor support, we aim to provide more affordable, heavily reduced tuition costs through needs-based scholarships.

We hope that this provides new opportunities for students and families who were previously unable to afford music lessons or did not have access to arts education outside of their regular school curriculum.

In addition to the weekly in-school lessons, Caroga Arts plans to use the SPACE Program as the glue to launch more readily available mentorship workshops and outreach performances to all children of Fulton, Montgomery, and Schoharie counties. 

Thank you to our Lead Underwriting Sponsor for making the SPACE Program possible

Caroga Arts Collective