Putting Sherman’s back on the map

Proposed Sherman’s renewal sale to Caroga Arts


We write you to share information about Caroga Arts and our vision for Sherman’s and the Town of Caroga.
  • Caroga Arts Collective (Caroga Arts) is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization with over 150 local volunteers coming from the Town of Caroga. Caroga Arts has already brought world-class music, arts and community events to Caroga Lake since 2012.
  • Caroga Arts is dedicated to revitalizing the Town by creating a first-rate entertainment venue and community center through the expertise and connections of our board, advisory council, staff and volunteers in and beyond the community.
  • Caroga Arts plans to raise funds, at no expense to the Town, to improve the Sherman’s property so that it can be used by all members of the community for concerts, car shows, farmers markets, festivals, picnics, town meetings, pre-school, school-age and adult education, and many other town and community events.
  • Caroga Arts is committed to enhancing Sherman’s as an asset to the community through attracting and retaining residents, tourists, and business, increasing Town sales tax revenue.
  • Caroga Arts has received an anonymous $125,000 matching grant for an entertainment venue and anticipates many more grants and donations once Caroga Arts starts a capital construction drive for improvement of Sherman’s.


Putting Sherman’s back on the map!

Creating fun for all ages, but not on your dollar!

Valuing clean air, water and natural landscapes

Bumper Car Pavilion
– Lakeside performance/film venue, town meeting space
– Carousel rides, banquets, gallery, event space

Main Building
– Community center space, offices, classrooms, multi-use conference space

Other features
– Community green space
– Community garden/farmers market
– Town visitors info booth
– Cafe with picnic/play area

Caroga Arts debut at Chicago’s Symphony Center

Caroga Arts Ensemble spreads wings to Midwest!

Mahler at Chicago Symphony’s Symphony Center

Caroga Arts Ensemble was invited by Collaborative Arts Institute of Chicago to perform Mahler’s Des Knaben Wunderhorn on October 28, 2018 at 7pm at Symphony Center in Chicago.

Presented by Collaborative Arts Institute of Chicago, “Fall Lieder Lounge” will feature Caroga Arts Ensemble as a 14-piece chamber orchestra with maestro Alexander Platt, singers and a narrator.

Caroga Arts looks forward to its first appearance in the midwest in the remarkable Symphony Center, home to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Fall Lieder Lounge Concert Information

Sunday, October 28, 2018 at 7:00pm
Grainger Ballroom, Symphony Center
220 South Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60604
See concert details online

$35 General, $30 Senior, $15 Students
Purchase Tickets Online

Gustav Mahler: Selections from ​Des Knaben Wunderhorn

Alexander Platt, curator & conductor
Emily Birsan, soprano
Julie Miller, mezzo-soprano
Ricardo Jose Rivera, baritone
Benjamin Busch, narrator

Caroga Arts Ensemble
Jenny Shin, Flute
Zachary Pulse, Oboe
Graeme Steele Johnson, Clarinet
Ryan Finefrock, Bassoon
Dan Hively, Horn
Bryant Millet, Trumpet
Stephanie Lebens, Trombone
Wes Luke, Violin
Rebecca Benjamin, Violin
Serena Hsu, Viola
Kyle Price, Cello
Dave Scholl, Bass
Alix Raspé, Harp
Dylan Moffitt, Percussion

Congratulations to Deborah Barrett Price,
CLMF Artist & Caroga Arts team member!

Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center announces the Award for Extraordinary Service to Chamber Music to the Chamber Music Connection and Artistic Director Deborah Price.

Under the leadership of founder and violist Deborah Price, The Chamber Music Connection brings together approximately 100 musicians of all ages and abilities to study and perform in chamber ensembles each year.

Several Caroga Lake Music Fesival (CLMF) Artists grew up playing chamber music together through the Chamber Music Connection. They include CLMF founder and cellist Kyle Price, violinists Eliza Wong, Heeyeon Ko, Dawning Welliver; violists Stephanie Price-Wong, Nao Kubota, Serena Hsu, Eva Kennedy, Annalisa Boerner; cellists Ken Kubota, Hannah Moses, and Nikita Annenkov; and bassist Nate West.

CLMF and the Chamber Music Connection share a unique bond of chamber music performance and education. CLMF Artists often serve as faculty and guest artists at the Chamber Music Connection and in May 2017, CLMF and the Chamber Music Connection joined forces to embark on its first international tour to Switzerland.

The Award will be presented on stage at Alice Tully Hall to Deborah Price by David Finckel and Wu Han at the opening night concert on October 16.

Read more about the award

Show your Support this Tuesday!

Public Informational Meeting
Tuesday, September 18 at 7:00 PM
Town Hall, Caroga Lake

Caroga Arts presents future plans for property


Join us at the Town Hall in Caroga Lake on Tuesday, September 18 at 7:00pm.

Caroga Arts Collective Artistic & Executive Director Kyle Price and members from the Caroga Arts Board & Advisory Council will present future plans for the Sherman’s property.

Price has been planning creative ideas for the use of Sherman’s since Fall 2014. Now four years later, George Abdella who made a conditional donation of Sherman’s to the Town of Caroga has agreed to assist in allowing the Town to transfer Sherman’s to Caroga Arts so that it could become a first-class performing arts venue. Additionally, an anonymous donor recently pledged a $125,000 matching grant for construction of a new performing arts venue.

Message from Barbara Lee

As most of my friends know, I am a member of the Board of Directors of the Caroga Arts Collective (CAC), a recently formed not-for-profit corporation which is the parent organization of the Caroga Lake Music Festival. In August, the Music Festival concluded its 7th season. This was our most successful summer yet, with an extended concert season, a variety of music, and an expanded number of performance venues. Best of all, we have had ever-increasing audiences for our concerts, including town and local residents and people from as far away as Albany and beyond.

Those of us on the Board of Directors and the Advisory Council work very hard all year to ensure that the Music Festival is a wonderful experience for our musicians and our audience. We don’t only perform concerts; we have workshops for musicians and outreach programs in local schools and organizations, and we do a lot of teaching. Our concerts are free, but we appreciate donations, and have performed concerts for the benefit of local organizations, like the Caroga Lake Fire Department.

We have been extremely fortunate to be able to perform in a variety of venues, including the Canada Lake Store, Nick Stoner Inn, the Caroga Chapel, the Concordia Club, and numerous local and nearby restaurants and venues. For the past two years we have rented the grounds at Sherman’s from the town and have held a Sherman’s Revival Concert Series. Members of our board, members of our advisory council, and members of the community have volunteered countless hours at Sherman’s to work on the bumper car pavilion to bring it up to code and on the grounds of the property to make it beautiful again so that it can be used by the public. The money that has been spent has come out of the volunteers’ pockets.

The CAC has now offered to purchase the Sherman’s property from the Town of Caroga. George Abdella, who donated the property to the town amidst substantial controversy several years ago, has written a letter to the Town Board supporting the transfer of the property to the CAC. In this letter, he has stated that he will not sue the town for breaching the original donation agreement (which states that the property can never be sold) if the transfer is made to the CAC.

I know that this is a controversial and sensitive topic, and it has been one since the minute the Town of Caroga accepted the deed to the property. A Town Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 18th at 7:00 p.m. at the Town Hall to provide information about this proposed purchase.

Barbara Lee
Secretary, Board of Directors, Caroga Arts Collective

Thank you, Caroga!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

The volunteers who help shape our Caroga Lake community

Caroga Arts sends heartfelt gratitude to Community:
Volunteers, Local Businesses, Board & Advisory Council Members

Now that the seventh season of the Caroga Lake Music Festival has concluded, it is time to reflect on the efforts of all of the individuals and entities who have helped the Caroga Arts Collective grow so swiftly and in such a positive direction! We could not exist without the bountiful and enthusiastic help of so many. The Caroga community, comprised of year-round residents, summer residents, and businesses, has truly become our home and has provided us with incredible support and assistance.

Over the years, the number of musicians participating in the music festival has increased, as has the length of the festival. During the inaugural years of CLMF, the musicians resided in Grandma Joyce Barrett’s house and enjoyed her delicious meals and beloved “sticky buns”. But as the festival reached upwards of twenty people in 2014, the community was called to help. Residents of Caroga stepped forward and volunteered to host our musicians in their houses and camps, thereby affording us a unique opportunity to become a part of the community in which we performed. Mary Peck, a member of the Board of Directors, has spent many hours reaching out to potential host families and placing our musicians in their homes. Our musicians and their hosts formed warm bonds, and many have kept in touch throughout the years. Several of our musicians have returned to the Festival, renewing friendships formed in the community during previous seasons.

Town residents have also been incredibly generous in feeding our musicians. Martha Price, a member of the Advisory Council, has assumed the daunting task of soliciting, organizing, and coordinating lunches and dinners for the duration of the Festival, and has earned our deepest gratitude. Volunteers have hosted our musicians for meals at their homes and have delivered meals to Nick Stoner Inn, as well. Often, there have been more than thirty people to be fed at a time, and those who did so provided plentiful, delicious meals.

Concerts presented by Caroga Arts Collective are free, although we gladly accept donations. One way in which we earn revenue is through the sale of Caroga Arts Collective merchandise. Kathy Manning, a member of the Advisory Council, is in charge of our merchandising and deserves our special thanks. Kathy researches, orders, and prices all of our merchandise. She goes to all of our concerts and spends hours organizing and selling our hats, shirts, tote bags, coolers, and other goods. It is a year-round job, and we are grateful for all of her help. Anita Miller, Joyce Barrett, James Long and the Fincke family have provided invaluable assistance to our artists and to the concert-going experience through archiving concert programs, transporting artists to and from Albany International Airport and opening their house for additional rehearsal spaces.

We are now the lucky owners of MyHil, also known as the Schine Property, thanks to the magnanimous donation made by Bruce and Richard Veghte. We have started clearing the property, and have made substantial progress. We have also been working to revitalize the Sherman’s Amusement Park site, and have brought the pavilion that formerly housed the bumper car ride back up to code. Nancy Purcell, a board member, and countless others have spent numerous hours working at Sherman’s. We have cleaned up the site, taken over the mowing of the lawns, and have done substantial landscaping. All of this work has been accomplished thanks to community volunteers who have believed in our vision, and have donated their money, time, tools, skills and labor. All of these efforts have allowed us to use the bumper car pavilion and the grounds for the Sherman’s Revival Series concerts, which included Sawyer Fredericks, Matthew Whitaker, Saunders Fest and more.

Special thanks must go to our local businesses, many of whom have gone above and beyond in providing us with their backing and assistance.

Charlie and Becky Ward, the proprietors of the Nick Stoner Inn & 19th Hole, have spent two years beautifully renovating the premises and refreshing the rooms of their establishment. They have generously opened the Inn to us, housing our musicians and giving us full use of their first floor, thereby providing us with a rehearsal and performance venue unlike any other in the area. They have offered their unstinting support, and have gone out of their way to welcome the Caroga Lake Music Festival, hosting concerts and Encore! Jazz Sessions.

The Fielding family, owners of the Canada Lake Store and Marine, have been extremely supportive of the Caroga Arts Collective, as well. They host The Barge at Canada Lake concert series and provide a unique venue on the shore of Canada Lake where our audience can relax on the beach or in a boat, listen to great music, and watch the sun set. The Fieldings have also provided invaluable assistance in working out the logistics of transportation and parking for our concert events.

Other local businesses who assisted and supported the Caroga Arts Collective include Campers Corner Store, The Boat House, Vroomans Hotel, Pine Lake Lodge, and Pleasant Lake Inn. Along with Nick Stoner Inn and the Canada Lake Store and Marine, these establishments sponsored the Caroga Arts Collective and provided discounts and coupons to our artists as well as feeding them delicious meals and setting up food stands at some of our concerts. Kim Hart, Advisory Council liaison, has taken the lead on promoting Caroga Arts to local businesses and coordinating these partnerships seamlessly. They also opened their establishments as performance venues for us. We greatly appreciate their assistance in promoting and bolstering the Caroga Arts Collective.

We would be remiss if we did not thank the Caroga Lake Evangelical Chapel, which offered us our first rehearsal and performance venue in 2012. Thanks to Jack DeWeese, an Advisory Council member, we have continued to use this beautiful building as a site for our concerts. Our gratitude also goes to the Caroga Historical Museum, which has welcomed us to its exhibit barn for concerts.

As always, we send our deepest appreciation to our Board of Directors and Advisory Council members. Almost of all of our members are year-round or summer residents of Caroga Lake, and are actively involved in every aspect of our organization. They work tirelessly throughout the year to ensure that we have ever-expanding opportunities to teach, learn, and perform. It is because of this group of dedicated individuals that we are able to share our joy of music with our community.

Caroga Lake is where we live. We started here with a dream, and that dream has grown and flourished so beautifully because of the people who share this dream with us. When we arrive every summer, it is a homecoming for us. We know the names and the stories of so many of the people who share this home with us, and they know ours, as well. We cannot thank you enough for welcoming us, housing us, feeding us, hosting us, helping us, working with us, contributing to us, and listening to and loving our music. We look forward to strengthening our bonds in the sunny lakeside seasons to come.

The Caroga Lake Miracle

A letter from Board member Hon. James Hopkins

Anonymous donor pledges $125,000 matching grant for construction of a performing arts venue

This is the Cinderella story about how 7 years ago Kyle Price, an 19-year-old cellist, got a few of his friends together to give free concerts while spending their summer at his grandmother’s house on Caroga Lake, population 518, in one of the most economically depressed areas of Upstate New York. They ambitiously called the concerts the Caroga Lake Music Festival (CLMF). They convinced the local Pastor to allow them to play at the Caroga Lake Chapel, where they would accept donations. Each summer the CLMF attracted an increasingly larger group of admirers and artists. Soon the number of musicians outgrew Kyle’s grandmother’s house and local families began to house and feed them.

Two years ago the CLMF became a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charity, the Caroga Arts Collective. They ventured to Switzerland, Florida and Maine to give concerts. A year ago they revitalized the Nick Stoner Inn, a shuttered building in Caroga Lake that now houses some of the artists and has become a thriving restaurant/bar/inn/music venue. They also began to revitalize Sherman’s, a lakeside amusement park that had been closed for many years, by getting local community members to donate countless hours and services to make it a concert-worthy venue.

This summer Caroga Arts hosted a week-long InterArts Showcase, a multi-discipline symposium; the two week-long National Summer Cello Institute; and gave 40 concerts in Upstate New York, Vermont and Florida involving over 90 artists from around the world performing a variety of music genres, from classical music to gypsy jazz. The artists were housed and fed by over 80 local families. Sherman’s was the site of a revival series of free concerts including Sawyer Fredericks, 2015 The Voice winner; Matthew Whitaker, the 17 year old blind jazz pianist who has also performed at Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, the Apollo Theatre, and the Newport Jazz Festival; and Saundersfest, an event hosted by an incredibly talented local family that includes a Grammy-Award winning bassist, a backup singer for Chance the Rapper, and the CEO of L.L. Bean who is on the Board of Caroga Arts. The Caroga Arts Board is led by a successful local businessman and also includes a former dean of the Juilliard School; a nationally prominent trial lawyer and her husband, a retired federal judge; and several locally prominent supporters.

There have been exciting recent developments for Caroga Arts. An anonymous donor has pledged an $125,000 matching grant for construction of a performing arts venue, even though a capital construction drive has not yet been announced. At the same time the successful lawyer that made a conditional donation of Sherman’s to Caroga Lake four years ago has agreed to assist in allowing the Town of Caroga Lake to transfer Sherman’s to Caroga Arts so that it could become a first-class performing arts venue.

The Town of Caroga is holding a public hearing on the proposed transfer on September 18th at 7 p.m.

CLMF in The Leader-Herald

Read supporter Anita Potocar’s Letter to the Editor

“Amazing how they were able to transform the Caroga Chapel or the living room at Nick Stoner Inn, into concert halls, right here in Caroga Lake.”

Celebrating Bernstein’s 100th in Woodstock, NY

Caroga Arts Ensemble On Tour!

Woodstock, NY & Dorset, VT


Maverick Chamber Orchestra Concert
Maverick Concert Hall
120 Maverick Road, Woodstock, NY 12498
Students $5/General Admission $30 (tickets at door)
About the Program:
Leonard Bernstein (arr. Alexander Platt and Robert Osborne):
SONGFEST, a Cycle of American Poems for Six Singers and Orchestra (1977)
A Collaboration with Actors and Writers Theater, and the Phoenicia International Festival of the Voice

Alexander Platt, conductor
Caroga Arts EnsembleKyle Price, director

Seung Jeon, Flute
Tamara Winston, Oboe
Graeme Steele Johnson, Clarinet
Arleigh Savage, Bassoon
Joanna Schulz, Horn
Emily Schaefer, Horn
Alex Mayon, Trumpet
Chris Brosius, Trombone
Andy Liang, Violin
Aaron Schwartz, Violin
Stephanie Price-Wong, Viola
Kyle Barrett Price, Cello
Jon Borden, Bass
Michael Tsang, Electric Keyboard
Steven Beck, pianist
Garry Kvistad and Russell Hartenberger, percussionists
Singers: Barry Banks, tenor; Matthew; Gamble, baritone; Sarah Heltzel, mezzo-soprano; Nancy Allen Lundy, soprano; Robert Osborne, baritone; Anna Tonna, mezzo-soprano
Reciters: Katherine Burger, Dannah Chaifetz, Sarah Chodoff, Mary Gallagher, Davis Hall, Mikhail Horowitz, Nicole Quinn, Edwin [Eddie] Sanchez, John Seidman, David Smilow, Lori Wilner, Shelley Wyant
In celebration of the centenary of the birth of Leonard Bernstein, Maverick Concerts’ Music Director Alexander Platt will conduct his 2011 chamber-orchestra version of SONGFEST (1977), one of Lenny’s most powerful and poignant compositions, which was triumphantly presented at Ravinia Festival on July 4, 2013. The orchestral song cycle celebrates 300 years of the nation’s artistic past through words of thirteen renowned poets and is as wildly eclectic as our multicultural nation itself. This special collaboration with two of the newer entrepreneurial summer festivals in our region – the Caroga Lake Music Festival presented by Caroga Arts Collective and the Phoenicia International Festival of the Voice – will feature remarkable soloists, percussionists Garry Kvistad and Russell Hartenberger, pianist Steven Beck and the Actors and Writers Theatre Ensemble.

“Originally written in celebration of the nation’s Bicentennial, SONGFEST is a broad and vital celebration of American music and poems, in all their glorious and difficult diversity,” said Alexander Platt. “Gaudy, grasping and grand, it is unique work in Bernstein’s output: in some quarters immediately dismissed as an antique, but increasingly seen as a work newly relevant to our times.”

United Church of Dorset and East Rupert
143 Church St, Dorset, VT
Student $10/Adult $15
Former Dorset Chamber Music Residency participants and members of Caroga Arts Ensemble join for a reunion concert in Dorset, Vermont. The concert will feature the award-winning KASA Quartet, clarinetist Graeme Steele Johnson and harpist Alix Raspé in a return to her hometown following a summer as a fellow at Tanglewood Music Center.

See complete performance schedule for Caroga Arts Ensemble members in Dorset, Vermont.

Caroga Concert Bulletin – Festival Week 5

7th Annual Caroga Lake Music Festival
Week 5: August 13 -19

Join us in Caroga Lake, Gloversville, Cooperstown and Ghent for a varied assortment of classical, contemporary, jazz and pop music!

With musicians Kayoko Mizakawa, Piano; Logan Contreras, Voice; Armando Contreras, Voice; Jazimina MacNeil, Voice; Seung Jeon, Flute; Graeme Steele Johnson, Clarinet; Arleigh Savage, Bassoon; Kaleigh Acord, Violin; Rebecca Benjamin, Violin; John Bian, Violin; Eva Dove, Violin; Aniela Eddy, violin; Josh Henderson, Violin; Ben Kronk, Violin; Andy Liang, Violin; Valerie Sanders, Violin; Aaron Schwartz, Violin; Tonya Burton, Viola; Andrew Griffin, Viola; Deborah Price, Viola; Jameel Martin, Viola; Stephanie Price-Wong, Viola; Jenna Heawon Shin, Viola; Ray Kim, Cello; Ken Kubota, Cello; Mitch Lyon, Cello; Scott McCreary, Cello; Julian Muller, Cello; Kyle Price, Cello; Nathan Chan, Cello; Jon Borden, Bass; Jordan Calixto, Bass; Nicholas Villalobos, Bass; Nate West, Bass

Concert & Ice Cream at Caroga Museum
145 County Rd 111, Caroga Lake

The Caroga Museum in New York State’s Adirondack Park is comprised of a charming old farm house, an exhibit barn, a general store, a cobbler’s shop, an ice house, and the most recent addition, Sherman’s Park Arcade.

Dinner & Music at Origins Cafe, Cooperstown
558 Beaver Meadow Rd, Cooperstown

Artist in Residence Concert – Musicians of the Caroga Lake Music Festival debut in the charming baseball town of Cooperstown at Origins Cafe. $35 buys a seasonal, locally-sourced dinner buffet and concert! To reserve your dinner and seat, please call Origins Cafe at 607-437-2862.

You are invited:
Volunteer Appreciaton Pre-concert Reception

Caroga Chapel Concert
106 Chapel Road, Caroga Lake

CLMF’s premiere of American composer Aaron Copland’s Appalachian Spring. Featuring a variety of CLMF resident artists in small chamber groups as well as large orchestra!

In appreciation of the extraordinary volunteers who helped make Caroga Lake Music Festival a success this season, Caroga Arts would like to invite all volunteers and friends to a pre-concert reception. Enjoy drinks and light refreshments starting at 6:00pm at Caroga Chapel on Friday, August 17.

Encore! Jazz Sessions: Glenn Zaleski Trio
Nick Stoner Inn, 1810 NY-10, Caroga Lake

Jazz piano trio with New York City’s Glenn Zaleski, a semi-finalist in the 2011 Thelonious Monk International Jazz Piano Competition and a finalist for the 2011 APA Cole Porter Fellowship in Jazz.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 18, 2:00 – 10:00PM
Sherman’s Revival Series: SAUNDERS FEST
Sherman’s Amusement Park, Caroga Lake

Don’t miss the biggest event of the season! The multi-musical Saunders family, bluegrass virtuosos and Canada Lake residents, will perform an all-day bluegrass festival featuring Grammy-Award winning bassist, vocalist and banjo player Geoff Saunders from the Mark O’Connor Band and mandolin and banjo player Rob Saunders, among other family members. They’ll be joined by Crooked North, Kate Lee & Forrest O’Connor, Chris Wilson and local bluegrass bands for an afternoon of pure banjo thrills and open jam sessions!

Line up:
Crooked North
Saunders Family Band
Kate Lee & Forrest O’Connor
Chris Wilson
Caroga Lake Chamber Players
Durey Creek

Brunch & Concert at Paul Nigra Center
Paul Nigra Center for the Creative Arts, 2736 New York 30, Gloversville

Back by popular demand, CLMF perform their final 2018 season concert in the Caroga region at the Paul Nigra Center in Gloversville. Have a delicious brunch in the Grand Gallery while enjoying the incredible sounds of the musicians of the Caroga Lake Music Festival.

The brunch menu will include quiche, stuffed French toast, bacon, sausage, potatoes, salad greens, refreshments and desserts.

Concert at Hawthorne Valley School
Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School, 330 Co Rd 21C, Ghent, NY

Artist in Residence Concert – CLMF musicians return to Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School for the season finale featuring music of multiple scopes and genres.

Caroga Concert Bulletin – Festival Week 4

7th Annual Caroga Lake Music Festival
Week 4: August 6 -12

Join us in Cobleskill, Canojaharie, Cooperstown, Gloversville, and Caroga Lake for a varied assortment of classical, contemporary, jazz and pop music!

You’re never too young to play music! Local children experience the “Instrument Petting Zoo” with CLMF Artists at a Kids Concert at Sherman’s. Thank you Nightingale Violin Shop for the instruments!

With musicians Logan Contreras, Voice; Armando Contreras, Voice; Nicole Heinen, Voice; Esther Park, Piano; Zsolt Bognar, Piano; Graeme Steele Johnson, Clarinet; Alex Mayon, Trumpet; Mason Yu, Violin; Erica Tursi, Violin; Clayton Tillotson, Violin; Aaron Schwartz, Violin; Andy Liang, Violin; Ben Kronk, Violin; Eva Dove, Violin; Michael Chien, Violin; Stephanie Price-Wong, Viola; Deborah Price, Viola; Alice Ping, Viola; Jinsun Hong, Viola; Alejandro Duque, Viola; Nathan Watts, Cello; Kyle Price, Cello; Julian Müller, Cello; Ken Kubota, Cello; Alex Cox, Cello; Jordan Calixto, Bass; Nate West, Bass


The Summer String Projects provide local music students from Fulton, Montgomery and Schoharie Counties the opportunity to experience, learn and share music with the Caroga Lake Music Festival artists for five days leading up to finale performances. Thank you to the agencies who support these endeavors!

Fulton & Montgomery Counties: Summer String Project Finale Concert
Arkell Museum, 2 Erie Blvd, Canajoharie

Saratoga Arts made this program possible with an Arts Education Grant funded by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

Schoharie County: Summer String Project Finale Concert
St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church
138 Washington Ave, Cobleskill

This event is made possible in part with public funds from the Decentralization Program of the NYS Council on the Arts, administered in Schoharie County by the Greene County Council on the Arts through the Community Arts Grants program.

Caroga Chapel Concert
106 Chapel Road, Caroga Lake

Don’t miss! This week you’ll hear some of Opera’s favorite songs from Bizet’s Carmen and Mozart’s Don Giovanni. Featuring a variety of CLMF resident artists in small chamber groups as well as large orchestra!

J-Music Pocket Band Returns!

Encore! Jazz Sessions: J-Music Pocket Band
Nick Stoner Inn, 1810 NY-10, Caroga Lake

Back by popular demand! J-Music Pocket Band is an innovative jazz ensemble performing arrangements of Japanese pop and video game music. With Patrick Bartley, Jr., a Grammy-nominated saxophonist, composer, and bandleader.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 11, 9:30-10:30AM
Quartet Performance at Cooperstown Farmers’ Market
101 Main Street, Cooperstown

Come visit the Cooperstown Farmers’ Market to experience the agricultural bounty of the region and hear live music!
Gypsy Jazz with Rhythm Future Quartet

Sherman’s Revival Series: Rhythm Future Quartet
Sherman’s Amusement Park, Caroga Lake

The acoustic jazz ensemble Rhythm Future Quartet has a straightforward agenda: to keep the spirit of gypsy jazz alive and expanding in today’s musical universe. The virtuosic foursome, named for a Django Reinhardt tune, offers up a newly minted sound, influenced by the classic Hot Club of France, yet wholly contemporary. Learn more here!

Concert at Peck’s Lake Marina
180 Peck Lake Rd, Gloversville

Artist in Residence Concert – Musicians of the Caroga Lake Music Festival debut in neighboring Peck’s Lake for an late afternoon concert on the water at the popular Peck’s Lake Marina.

Thank you to Main Motorcar for the sponsor vehicle! 🚗

Caroga Concert Bulletin – Festival Week 3

7th Annual Caroga Lake Music Festival
Week 3: July 30-August 5

Caroga has been in the news!
Fulton County Express, June 8
Sawyer Fredericks Performs at Sherman’s

Leader-Herald, June 16
Cheer from the Leader-Herald

Albany Times-Union, July 19
On the wings of whimsy: Summer music festival at Caroga Lake grew from youthful enthusiasm

Upcoming Concerts & Events
Join us in Gloversville and Caroga Lake for a varied assortment of opera, classical, contemporary, jazz and pop music!

With musicians Nicole Heinen, Voice; Graeme Steele Johnson, Clarinet; José Guzmán, Guitar; Alex Mayon, Trumpet;Lindsey Baggett, Violin; Michael Chien, Violin; Heeyeon Ko, Violin; Joseph Kromholz, Violin; Ben Kronk, Violin; Janice Lee, Violin; Andy Liang, Violin; Aaron Schwartz, Violin; Alejandro Duque, Viola; Jebat Kee, Viola; Nao Kubota, Viola; Alice Ping, Viola; Deborah Price, Viola; Stephanie Price-Wong, Viola; Sergein Yap, Viola; Brian Klickman, Cello; Ken Kubota, Cello; Daniel Lim, Cello; Julian Muller, Cello; Kyle Price, Cello; Nathan Watts, Cello; Jordan Calixto, Bass; Nate West, Bass

MONDAY, JULY 30, 7:30 PM
Concert at Luzerne Music Center
The Lodge at Luzerne Music Center, Lake Luzerne, NY
$35 General Admission

Each week, Luzerne Music Center presents two chamber music concerts featuring the faculty and world-renowned guest artists as part of the Luzerne Chamber Music Festival, a six-concert series curated by President and Artistic Director Elizabeth Pitcairn. In 2018, the Music Center will feature two string quartets from the Caroga Lake Music Festival – KASA Quartet and Callisto Quartet – plus clarinetist Graeme Steele Johnson.

Concert at Pine Lake Lodge
1050 NY-10, Caroga Lake

Artist in Residence Concert – One of the few tavern concerts of the season, audiences and artists get to experience an intimate, fun and engaging show that features classical, jazz, crossover and pop selections. Come get a sneak-peek inside live “jam sessions” of CLMF musicians.

Concert at The Glove Theatre
40 N Main St, Gloversville

Artist in Residence Concert – CLMF makes its debut in the historic 1914 Glove Theatre. After saving the building from becoming a parking lot in 1995, a group of dedicated individuals set out to restore it as a theater. The news of the Glove’s rebirth generated a burst of community enthusiasm. Money was raised to stabilize the structure and throughout the last decade, volunteers have continued to work diligently to restore the Glove to its former prominence.

Finale Concert: Summer Music Celebration Camp
Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts
2736 New York 30, Gloversville

Paul Nigra Center Summer Music Celebration Camp

JULY 31 – AUGUST 3, 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts
All ages welcome
Cost: $150
Spaces still available! Click here to register

The Summer Music Celebration Camp is a four-day long workshop and educational/performance program for musicians of all ages and abilities.

Young Jazz Keyboard Sensation Coming to Caroga!

On Friday, August 3 and Saturday, August 4, New York City teen piano and organ powerhouse Matthew Whitaker will bring his unique gift to the stages of Nick Stoner Inn and Sherman’s Amusement Park.

Encore! Jazz Sessions: Matthew Whitaker Trio
Nick Stoner Inn

Sherman’s Revival Series: Matthew Whitaker Quartet
plus Caroga Lake Music Festival Orchestra
Nick Stoner Inn

From the TODAY SHOW: Matthew Whitaker, The 16-Year-Old Pianist Who’s Being Called The Next Stevie Wonder

The Barge at Canada Lake
103 Old State Rd, Caroga Lake

With musicians of the Caroga Lake Music Festival. One of Caroga’s favorite and most unique venues, The Barge at Canada Lake is framed by true Adirondack lake and mountain scenery. Generously hosted by the Fielding family from Canada Lake Store and Marine.

Caroga Arts Bulletin #4 – Festival Week 2

7th Annual Caroga Lake Music Festival
Week 2: July 23-29

Performance, Talk and Film Screening:
The Red Violin with Elizabeth Pitcairn and CLMF Orchestra
MyHil Film Series
Pine Lake Pavilion, Timberline Lane
Caroga Lake

Hear the 1720 Red Mendelssohn Stradivarius instrument, formerly owned by composer Felix Mendelssohn’s family, that inspired the film, The Red Violin, with world-class violinist Elizabeth Pitcairn performing The Red Violin Suite with the CLMF Orchestra. Stay an extra hour to watch the film and participate in a talk. Music from The Red Violin was composed by John Corigliano and received an Academy Award in 1999 for Best Original Score. Elizabeth Pitcairn is also music director of the Luzerne Music Center, just north of Caroga Lake in Lake Luzerne. Please note The Red Violin is an R rated film.

FRIDAY, JULY 27, 7:00 PM
Caroga Chapel Concert
106 Chapel Road
Caroga Lake

Caroga Chapel Concerts feature a variety of CLMF resident artists in small chamber groups as well as large orchestra.

FRIDAY, JULY 27, 10:00 PM
Encore! Jazz Sessions: Kittel & Co. Whorls Tour
Nick Stoner Inn, 1810 NY-10
Caroga Lake

Jeremy Kittel, charted #1 on Billboard for Bluegrass, coming to Nick Stoner Inn as part of the last stop of their Whorls Tour!

SATURDAY, JULY 28, 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Musical Storytelling: A Kids Concert at Sherman’s!
Sherman’s Amusement Park, W Caroga Lake Shore Road
Caroga Lake,

Inviting children of all ages and their families to join us for an exciting musical storytelling concert featuring the Caroga Lake Music Festival artists at Sherman’s Amusement Park! This unique concert for kids will be created and directed by CLMF artist and cellist Julian Muller.

Sherman’s Revival Series: MARO
Sherman’s Amusement Park, W Caroga Lake Shore Road
Caroga Lake

MARO, a Portuguese singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and recent graduate of Boston’s Berklee College, is known widely through her home country of Portugal for her incredibly unique voice and originals. As the director of the “Berklee People” series, MARO has garnered a national reputation through her collaborations. CLMF artists will join her at the conclusion of her special solo performance.

The Caroga Arts Collective is proud to promote the return of Sherman’s Amusement Park to its former glory as a lakeside summer destination for fun, frolic, and events. Join us at Sherman’s this summer for seven special events!

SUNDAY, JULY 29, 4:00 PM
Concert at Mayfield Presbyterian Church
22 N Main St

Caroga Lake Music Festival is thrilled to return to Mayfield Presbyterian Church for a performance as part of a classical concert series presented by Sacandaga Valley Arts Network (SVAN). Enjoy a collection of small and large chamber ensemble pieces performed by our artists in residence.
$12 Adults
$10 SVAN Members
Kids free